Love Bites Rewards Program



Earn Love Bites and redeem them for fabulous discounts!


How To Earn Love Bites

Earn 1 Love Bite for every dollar spent on your order if you have created an account.*

Earn 300 Love Bite just for creating an account. Create an account HERE!

Earn 150 Love Bite when you refer a friend and they make a purchase.*

We can't make it any easier to save.

What Discounts Can I Get?

Redeem 500 Love Bites  - Get a $5 discount

Redeem 1000 Love Bites - Get a $10 discount

Redeem 2500 Love Bites - Get a $25 discount

How To Redeem

Click the black "Earn Love Bites" tab on the bottom of the page to open the Love Bites popup.

You can see the amount of Love Bites you have earned at the top

If you have any Love Bites to redeem, the black "Redeem" button will be present next to your available choices. Click that button to show your redemption code. That code will also be emailed to you. You can apply this code on the checkout page to get your discount.

Click the "Referrals" tab to get a personalized 10% discount link that you can send to a friend. Once your friend makes a purchase using that link, you earn another 500 Love Bites.

You can also share this link via Facebook, Twitter and email. 

*Keep in mind that you can only earn Love Bites if you have created an account or already have an existing account. Create an account HERE!

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