Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Love Kari Dae will never sell or distribute your personal information to anyone. We value your privacy and understand a person's wish to retain theirs. We do maintain a database of information on customers and members to facilitate the day to day operations in regards to our members/customers. Your non-public and personal information will not be forwarded to or shared with any agency or affiliate, except in cooperation with appropriate authorities and only in the case of a viable court order.

You Are Protected

This site uses what is called an SSL Certificate. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. The information that is sent from the web browser to our server is encrypted and sent in a format that is not readable by anyone but the server. This allows sensitive information, like credit card numbers and passwords, to be sent across the internet securely. Therefore, when you go to register an account with us, log into your account or enter your credit card information for a purchase, that sensitive information is protected and kept private for your security.

Information that is or may be collected:

* Email Addresses - emails are stored for a variety of reasons; for the receipt of the optional newsletter and for purchasing products.

* Purchasing Data - Love Kari Dae maintains a database of merchandise purchases. Purchasing Data consists of, but is not limited to Name, Address, and Phone. We do not keep a database of credit card numbers.

* IP addresses - Certain areas of Love Kari Dae do track ip information to assist in managing website issues.

* Aggregate Data - Love Kari Dae collects, and uses aggregate data for the purpose of soliciting advertisers, contest sponsors and to research overall member preferences. This information may include any or all of the following; page views, ad impressions, click throughs, membership numbers and total number of subscribers and/or purchasers. There is no personal information linked to our statistical data.

Love Kari Dae is only responsible for the privacy practices of our company. We can not and will not be held responsible for the privacy practices of any sites, individuals, companies or corporations linked to or from Love Kari Dae.


We will make every effort to cooperate fully in any matters of police and/or federal investigations of a crime as well as civil actions in which a court order has been served.